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Help, advice, care, welfare, education, leisure, sports, food and social activities. The versatile E|G|K-neighbourhood (Bijlmer East) in Amsterdam Southeast has it all. You will find here all the activities and support services in your area. Most of them are for free. 

'Your Neighbour Is Your Ticket'
Soon to come: bring along your neighbour to join the activities at Buurtsalon Kikkenstein* and GravesteinStudio*. Then you and the new visitor will get a free meal or will receive a nice present. Because 'Your neighbour is your ticket!'. Apply in advance is preferred.

Rather use your own talents to initiate an activity? We welcome active neighbourhood residents to join us. Together, we create our own neighbourhood!

For more information click on the name of the organization. Do you still miss an organization or do you have suggestions for improvements? Send an email to the editor. Welcome: links to ZOwijzer.nl and a A4-poster at bulliten boards.

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 A C T I V I T  I  E S 

Buurtsalon GravesteinStudio* - Gravestein 30 (between porch B and C).
social, informative, creative, sportive, activities, Neighbourhood café Gouden Leeuw , internet, wifi.

Buurtsalon Kikkenstein* - Kikkenstein 2015-2016 (indoor street).
social, informative, creative, activities, Neighbourhood café Gouden Leeuw , internet, wifi.

Neighbourhood centre Bonte Kraai - Kraaiennest 68 (near subway Kraaiennest).
social, informative, creative, sportive, breakfast (only € 1,-), dinners (from € 5,-), wifi.

NoLimit Cultural Business - Geldershoofd 80 (at shopping centre Ganzenpoort).
social, informative, creative, workshops, events, dinners, breakfast (only € 1,-), wifi.

Neighbourhood farm De Gliphoeve - Geldershoofd 79 (near Ganzenpoort).
social, informative, educative, playground, wifi.

Children's farm Bijlmerweide - Provincialeweg 46A, 1103SB.
social, informative, educative, playground, wifi.

Community centre Kormelink - Kormelinkweg 1 (at bus stop 47, Groesbeekdreef).
social, informative, creative, sportive, dinners, wifi.

Neighbourhood Room Kortvoort - Kolfschotenweg 57 (also office of Rochdale/Ymere).
social, informative, creative, give away shop Dresscode, kids diners Lekkere Toet, wifi.

Meetingspot Bij Bosshardt - Karspeldreef 1161 (at shopping centre Kameleon).
walk-in (Mo-Fr, 12-5pm), lunch (Te), diners (Th, Fr, 5.30pm), youthclubs, pc, wifi


C A F E S / E A T E R Y 

De Nachtegaal - Grubbehoeve 38, 1103GH.
social, informative, dinners (a.o. Resto VanHarte, from € 3,50), activities, internet, wifi.

Neighbourhood café Gouden Leeuw - Gouden Leeuw 900, 1103KV.
social, informative, brunches, dinners, activities, internet, wifi.

Neighbourhood café Groenhoven - Groenhoven 650, 1103LT.
social, informative, activities, dinners (a.o. budgetmenu), internet, wifi.

Evean HRH - elderly home/nursing home - Kortvoort 100, 1104NB.
social, informative, activities for the elderly, dinners (€ 7,-, til 18.00 hrs), internet, wifi.

Garstkamp - elderly home - Garstkamp 442, 1103PL.
social, informative, activities for the elderly, dinners (€ 7,-, til 18.00 hrs), internet, wifi.

Koornhorst - elderly home - Koornhorst 32, 1104JA.
social, informative, activities for the elderly, dinners (€ 3,50, til 18.00 hrs), internet, wifi.


 A S S I S T A N C E / C A R E 

MaDi Social Care - Karspeldreef 1009, 1104SE.
social, financial and legal advice, internet, wifi.

Centrum Stepping Stone - Kruitberg 2006B, 1104CA.
Practice for psychosocial support and social work.

HvA/BOOT - Gravestein 22, 1103BH.
Shop for education, research and talent development. Neighbourhood projects.

Pak je kans! - Gemeente Amsterdam.
Extras for those with a low budget. Refunds, computer, transport, etc.

Wij zijn de buurt - Amsterdam organization.
For professionals, caregivers and volunteers. Support of initiatives. News.

Samen redzaam - Amsterdam organization.
For professionals, caregivers and volunteers. Support of initiatives. News.

Hulplijn Amsterdam - Amsterdam organization. Day and night.
An anonymous call for those who feel lonely and depressed.

Buren Netwerk - Amsterdam organization.
Matches neighbours voor simple aid or easy accessible social contact.

Samen tegen eenzaamheid - national organization.
Many news and useful tips.

Health centre Klein Gooioord - Bijlmerdreef 1001A, 1103TW
Doctor, social work, home nursing, psychotherapist, logopedics, dietician.

Kraaiennest Medical Centre - Kraaiennest 69-75, 1104CE (at subway station)
Doctor, laboratory, physiotherapy, logopedics, dermatology, obstetrician, pharmacy.


 M I S C E L L A N E O U S   O R G A N I Z A T I O N S 

Stadsdeel Zuidoost - Local government. Anton de Komplein 150, 1102CW.
City offices. Board Committee. Field plans. Zowiizo.nl neighbourhood marketplace.

Zuidoost.nl - Zuidoostpartners.
Information- and promotianal site. News, events, agenda.

I Love Zuidoost - Zuidoost-organization.
Information about organizations, activities. District agenda.

Venzo - Bijlmerdreef 1009, 1104SE.
Offer and demand of volunteers. Advice and mediation. Volunteers are welcome.

Welfare organization. Harriët Freezerstraat 119 b, 1103JP.
Focused on childeren, youth, their parents and offers leisure activities.

POZO - Participation and Community work Zuidoost. Geldershoofd 80, 1103BG.
Improves participation in area activities. Promotes voluntary work, courses, networks.

GVB - City Transport.
Information regarding subway, bus, tram. Lines, tickets, days out. Tourist guide.


 M A P S   E | G | K - A R E A 

Interactive map of organizations and facilities - Amsterdam Southeast.

Satellite/Roadmap and streetview - Google Maps.


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